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Was there an idea shortage this year or are people moving from agency to agency too much? What are the odds of two commercials with inspiring young blade-runner amputees and two commercials with screaming goats?

Best On-Message Commercial: Weight Watchers

Commercial That Made It Worth Sitting Through the Endless Repeats of Clash of the Clans Commercials During the Cricket for the Past Couple of Months - Clash of the Clans: Revenge with Liam Neeson

Most Puzzling - I assume InvisibleMindyKaling is part of a campaign

Commercials With Dads: Toyota was a great tearjerker, Dove formulaic, and I didn't get the Nissan race-car dad message - I put myself into danger because I love you?

Best Car Commercial That Was Actually Partially About the Car: Pierce Brosnan for Kia.

McD's: Occur to anyone that telling someone to call their mom and tell her that you love her might be really painful to people who have lost their mothers?

Most Boring: WeatherTech - I think they used their entire budget buying the SB time and couldn't afford to hire a good creative agency to actually make the commercial

Most Disappointing - Budweiser puppy commercial was yet more proof that sequels without their own message are never as good as the original

Most Surreal - Loctite

Most Low Rent - Seriously, flat animation of a toe with a football helmet on it fighting toe fungus?

Just Missed - Mercedes-Benz forest animals

Top 3:

* with former NFL players
* Snickers with the Brady Bunch
* Avocados from Mexico


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