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Thanks to [ profile] debgeisler for reminding me about the annual Miss Universe national costumes snarkfest at - parts 1 and 2 are posted and can't wait for Part 3. Hard to pick just one favorite snark but the Bahamas and Lithuania definitely made me laugh out loud.

(Relieved that Miss Australia's outfit wasn't a total embarrassment this year :-> )
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Today was the Melbourne Cup, called "The Race That Stops a Nation"™. Besides the actual race, there are several marquees where sponsors actually pay celebrities to drop by or encourage them to come to plug their own projects, plus amateurs vying for the "Fashions on the Field" crown.

I have to give points to pregnant Rebecca Judd for a fashion-forward maternity outfit (front, side, and back) - I didn't love it but it certainly broke the mold of demure maternity outfits

My pick of the celebrity outfits is Dita von Teese - the burlesque artist definitely knows how to combine sex appeal with an appropriate raceday look. Unlike, for example, your favorite skank and mine, Brynne Edelsten, or swimmer Michael Klim's wife, Balinese princess Lindy Rama.

Also have to give a shout-out to trainer Gai Waterhouse (in the snazzy turquoise hat in the middle), the first Australian woman to train a Melbourne Cup winner.

As for the amateurs, here's a group shot of the state winners (minus the Victoria entrants, who are chosen at later races) plus some close-ups of their accessories (Part 1 and Part 2). For once, I agreed with the choice of winner for Cup Day, which this year was Chloe Moo (here's a shot with the two runners-up) - her dress was designed by her fashion designer mother Jo (who was also competing and is shown here with her) and made from material designed by an Aboriginal artist.
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Not sure whether he stops by any more but hope that [ profile] erikvolson sees these birthday greetings and has a very happy day!
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Be sure to check out the elaborate Halloween Google doodle! (Until midnight in the US, you can find it on the Australian site.) The animation changes depending on what things or combinations of things you put in the cauldron.

I didn't mark Halloween in my outfit today in any way for fear of being accused of importing my American observances so I was really bummed when I went to the local supermarket and saw that all the staff had Halloween stuff on!

And in This Week's Sign of the Apocalypse, apparently a company has decided there was a niche in the holiday market for pornographic pumpkin carving kits. *sigh*
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Haven't done one of these in a while... Reviews )
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This story is so fab I had to share: At a wedding this June, a celebrity chef became the first black member of the nobility at a high rank (viscountess now, and will eventually be a marchioness) and she's illegitimate to boot, plus her father-in-law - a notorious womanizer who still dresses like a hippie from the 60s and has had over 70 mistresses, some of whom live with their children on the estate - didn't come to the wedding because when he gave the running of the estate over to his son, the son removed some of his dad's erotic murals from the walls.

Sounds like something straight out of Danielle Steel!
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Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian friends!
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Don't forget to check out the Go Fug Yourself site, which has snarky reviews for dresses like this one, including some gowns I missed.
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I disliked a lot of the Emmy show this year:
  • They rushed the winner speeches even more than usual this year (cue my usual rant about this being a night primarily for the winners, not primarily for the TV audience) but somehow had time for four, count them, four musical numbers (Elton John salute to Liberace, Carrie Underwood doing the Beatles, salute to choreographers, and "The Number in the Middle of the Show"), although these awards are for TV, not Broadway.

  • I found the attempts at humor – the opening, the previous hosts arguing, the Excessive Hosting Disorder intervention – decidedly unfunny.

  • Having friends talk in-depth about people whom we lost this past year was a fine idea but why didn't they include any clips of their actual work?

  • I agree with others who think that Cory Monteith did not have the body of work that should have entitled him to a personal segment during the In Memoriam over a lot of other people in the scrolling list like, say, Jack Klugman or Larry Hagman.
Best Presenter Bit: Will Ferrell with his three children in casual clothes presenting the last two awards. ("We had a soccer game, there was a neighbor's birthday party, a nut allergy...")

Best Ad-Lib: Bob Newhart, after co-presenter Jim Parsons noted that Newhart had just won his first Emmy ever: "Was that a compliment, or were you just trying to rub it in?"

Most Awkward Acceptance Speech: Michael Douglas with several double-entendre lines addressed to his co-star in Behind the Candelabra, Matt Damon.

Best Acceptance Speech: Julia Louis-Dreyfus accepted for Veep after handing her purse to Tony Hale, who plays her personal aide on the show (he had just won for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series in an upset) and followed her on stage, standing a step or two behind her and whispering cues for her to thank her family, etc.
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I'm definitely bucking some trends with some of my Emmy fashion picks. The report )
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Watched a few movies during the endless trans-Pacific flights on my recent trip Reviews with spoilers )
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The Go Fug Yourself crew presents a recap slideshow of New York Fashion Week.


Sep. 16th, 2013 12:16 pm
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The Miami Dolphins have actually started the season 2-0! An especially sweet win over the Colts for QB Ryan Tanehill as he beat the more highly touted Colts QB and former Texas high school rival Andrew Luck.
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The universe is getting its revenge for my whinging about United pre-emptively changing my upgrade business class seat from upstairs to down: I discovered when I got to Melbourne Airport that my flight was cancelled and I had been rebooked on Air New Zealand in a regular economy seat. Much back-and-forth with United and ANZ in person and on the phone resulted in the information that ANZ couldn't do anything for me because I was on a United ticket and United couldn't do anything for me because it takes 24 hours to do a mileage transfer. I also lost my nonstop from LAX to ABQ, and will now be getting in at 9 pm instead of 4:30 pm. I hope I can actually move my neck and walk by the time I get to LAX...

Thought United hadn't sent me any notices about the cancellation at all and they use my US phone. However, looks like the three notices about the cancellation and rebooking were in my spam filter. Of course, mail from them about United Vacations and another one about using my miles for shopping came straight to my regular Inbox. *sigh*

Lessons learned: (1) From now on, I am *always* going to check my flight status before leaving for the airport.
(2) I'm also always going to take both my Australian and US phones with me when I go to the US. After I upgraded to the iPhone 5 through Telstra, I have been using my iPhone 4 as my dedicated US phone so I didn't bring the Australian phone with me, given that Stephen was already in the US and no one else ever calls me. However, that meant that all of the time I spent on hold with United and all of the texts I was sending Stephen will be charged at international roaming rates.
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Happy birthday to [ profile] xraytheenforcer! Best wishes for many happy, *healthy* more!
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Happy birthday, [ profile] athenais! It's already your birthday here so thought I'd start the greetings off - best wishes for a very happy birthday and a happy, healthy year.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] eefster! Best wishes for many more!
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Happy birthday to [ profile] cat_collector with best wishes for a happy, *healthy* year!
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